Rain Chains

Rain Chains are the perfect alternative to downsputs


Rain chains offer a highly attractive and unique alternative to traditional gutters and downspouts. They are hung from the corners of your gutters to guide the flow of water.

They have been used for hundreds of years in Japan, and are a perfect expression of the Japanese knack for combining aesthetics and practicality. The principle is simple. Rain Chains do exactly what gutters do, but they do it in a way that brings visual pleasure and delight. Rain swirls and flows down, creating a mesmerizing sense of motion and tranquility right outside your window. And they are beautiful on dry days too, as over time, copper rain chains develop a rich blue-green patina. Rainchains can be an integral part of any garden.

Our Rain Chain Products

basket and cup rain chain double lotus rain chains copperbell rain chains koi fish rain chains
lotus rain chain pagoda cup rain chain rain chain complete view rain chain close view


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